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Simon Ourian M.D., sitting at his estate in LA Simon Ourian M.D., sitting at his estate in LA

Meet simon ourian M.D.

Simon Ourian M.D, the expert behind the skin care brand MDO, is one of the most highly renowned cosmetic dermatologists worldwide. His clients include celebrities from the Kardashian Jenner clan, Victoria's Secret models such as Taylor Hill, and Hollywood actors such as Sofia Vergara or Lady Gaga. Simon Ourian practices from his clinic in Beverly Hills and strives to achieve the Red Carpet Look in a minimally invasive manner with personally crafted products in order to retain one’s own natural beauty.

How did his story of success begin?

Simon Ourian M.D., in the doorway in front of his epione clinic in Beverly Hills. Simon Ourian M.D., in the doorway in front of his epione clinic in Beverly Hills.

A vision to
Revolutionise the beauty industry

“ I am just a perfectionist

when it comes to all

dimensions of beauty. “

Simon Ourian, M.D.

7 Questions,
7 Answers

What is your philosophy and understanding of beauty?

Simon Ourian M.D: "Nobody wakes up and says: I refuse to look better today! The skill in cosmetic dermatology is not to change the face through minimally invasive procedures, but to optimize and highlight natural beauty. For flawless skin, the skincare routine also plays the most important role, in the long run. I focus on carefully selected ingredients that can work particularly well in combination."

Why did you become a cosmetic dermatologist?

Simon Ourian M.D: "Cosmetic dermatology is a way to bring my love of art and sculpture into my medical career as a doctor. When I treat a patient, I feel like an artist. If you're interested in aesthetics, you hunger to look for beautiful features in people's faces. This idea is what led me to become an cosmetic dermatologist."

Tell us about your success story

Simon Ourian M.D: "There was not a specific moment when I woke up and realized ok wow you're successful and famous Simon. The path has been like a jigsaw puzzle: many small steps and hard work have resulted in consistently good results in my field. Of course, luck also plays a role. I mean, many other dermatologists in the middle of Beverly Hills, in the middle of Hollywood, also had the opportunity I had yet did not become as successful. It was probably to my great advantage that I was able to combine medicine with my passion for art and aesthetics, as well as my interest in various scientific methods. And so one thing led to another where many celebrities saw and appreciated my work. So I wouldn’t say it has been about one particular moment when I achieved good results, it was more about remaining consistent with my strong results. My goal is to be innovative every day."

Simon Ourian M.D, standing and smiling with blue shirt Simon Ourian M.D, standing and smiling with blue shirt
What is the idea behind MDO?

Simon Ourian M.D: "Healthy skin means beautiful skin. Everyone was born with perfect skin at one point. My goal is to bring the skin back to this level with professional care and carefully selected, harmoniously coordinated care products. And to keep a complexion radiant for as long as possible. I developed MDO to allow people to quickly achieve great results outside my clinic - with perfectly the finest ingredients and step-by-step instructions - simply, effectively and safely."

You have yourself become a celebrity and a skin expert: with 3.6 million followers on Instagram and international customers from all over the world. How important is social media for your work?

Simon Ourian M.D: "It's the perfect platform. Instagram and Facebook allow doctors like me to show our " artwork " to a global audience. I see myself as an artist. Doctors have better tools and skills than 15 years ago and like all artists or anyone from many different fields, you have to present and stage your work. Beauty doesn't always have to be a secret behind closed doors and with social media, I can give everyone a look behind the scenes and the results of my work."

MDO skin care products on a golden tray MDO skin care products on a golden tray
Simon Ourian M.D., during his work at the epione clinic Simon Ourian M.D., during his work at the epione clinic
How will beauty evolve in the future?

Simon Ourian M.D: "If you had asked me ten years ago how things would go, I would have never guessed correctly. Seeing as no one could have predicted how the Internet and social media would develop. One can only assume that many things are becoming more and more mainstream when it comes to beauty. Yet I firmly believe that one thing, in particular, will always have center stage: No matter how old you are or from which part of society you come from - the desire to be attractive will continue to manifest itself. My goal is to support people to become more attractive - but in a natural way. With treatments that are not immediately recognizable as a treatment per se. Whether it's a minimally invasive facial or a new skincare routine, I always place a focus on highlighting one's own health. From the outside, people should only notice that you look better, but they should not be able to guess what exactly has changed. "

On the wall of your Epione-Clinic, you can see pictures of you and Salma Hayek, Lady Gaga, the Kardashian Jenner clan and even members of royal noble families. Does it also mean more pressure when you work with celebrities?

Simon Ourian M.D: "Well, they're like everyone else. They’re also just looking for good results. This only means that there are more faces that I care about, more people I want to achieve a flawless complexion for. "

Nova Lana Love Nova Lana Love

I was allowed to test his products and found them to be of very high quality."

Nova Lana Love, Influencer

Lamiya Lamiya

I tried the exfoliator and since I have very dry and sensitive skin, I am normally very careful with citric acid peels. But it was fantastic!"

Lamiya, Influencer

Laura Illbruck Laura Illbruck

All I need! The desired glow effect after first treatment"

Laura Illbruck, Influencer

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