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Glow from the in - and outside. Read more about the ultimate tips for beautiful skin.

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While you might have heard that a youthful natural glow starts from the inside, you may not have yet the necessary tips for a perfect skincare philosophy. Tanning, harsh chemicals, lack of exercise and poor nutrition have been scientifically proven to have a negative effect on the radiance of your skin. Old skin cells are constantly regenerating and it is therefore crucial to provide your body with key nutrients to support this rapid cell growth and tap into the secrets of beautiful skin. Moreover, if you suffer from stress, your body starts producing cortisol, one of the three most well-known stress hormones that jeopardizes your all well-being. In the long run, it leads to hyperacidity on your body, which can provocate blemishes, skin pigmentation and pale complexion.
Simon Ourian believes on the contribution of a healthy lifestyle for a beautiful skin, focusing on water, exercise, nutrition and UV protection.


Simon Ourian M.D shared with us his skincare philosophy: how much influence our lifestyle routine has on our inner and outer beauty.
Hydration seems to be the primordial step to achieve beautiful skin naturally. The key is to reach an intake of 1-2 Liters a day through liquids such as water or tea while veering away from coffee and juices which lead to further dehydration. Many Premature wrinkles, especially around the eyes are due to chronic dehydration, says the specialist.
But standing out there only drinking water won't make you shine. Exercise also stands as a really important factor for skin's cells regeneration. It improves blood circulation, helps delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin and promotes collagen production. However what remains the most beneficial towards creating a healthy glow is what we eat and put directly into our bodies...
"Food is our biggest anti-aging weapon", affirms Simon Ourian M.D. It is essential to deliver some key nutrients and minerals to our body, so we can get a natural glow.
Especially Avocados seem to be a skin lover due to their Vitamin E oil, which protects skin cells from oxidative damage and support healthy skin growth.
And talking about greens... The cosmetic specialist wants you to remember that all those veggies out there provide the body with antioxidants and vitamins such as Vitamin C and E. From another hand, chia seeds, walnuts and wild salmon, all abundant on Omega 3, produce anti-inflammatory compounds.


To complement a balanced lifestyle, the proper skincare is extremely important to achieve the coveted "natural glow" he says.
Skincare products containing high quality ingredients such as AHA'S which have been specifically developed to clean, exfoliate and moisturize must be found in every woman's bathroom. Keeping this in mind, Simon Ourian M.D has made it his personal goal to bring the essential skin treatment from Hollywood to every woman worldwide. Because while the necessary nutrients are an important basis, long term results and a flawless complexion will only be achieved through gentle yet potent products that target problem zones on one's own skin. This skincare kit of high quality treatments replenish radiance for a natural glow. "It is this combination of focusing on what is placed inside and what is placed outside of one's body, that is the secret to achieving a healthy and beautiful skin" says Ourian M.D. Products which are placed on the skin overnight such as the Serum from the MDO skincare kit, allow for the skin to regenerate and renew for the ultimate in hydration. By using the perfect combination of skincare products, the skin wakes up looking naturally vibrant and restored to it's natural beauty - the secret to beautiful skin.

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