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Collage from MDO testimonials on the streets in Beverly Hills and MDO skin care products Collage from MDO testimonials on the streets in Beverly Hills and MDO skin care products

About MDO

Simon Ourian M.D. has been the Cosmetic Dermatologist the A-Listers trust with their beauty and complexion for over twenty years. Until today, however, his beauty expertise has only been available at his local clinic in Beverly Hills. This has now changed with the launch of MDO, his first skincare kit.

Everyone can now benefit from Simon's know-how and care for one's own with the right products and carefully selected ingredients of the MDO skincare kit. MDO has been crafted with Simon Ourian M.D.'s special concern in mind as he strongly believes that everyone should have access to beautiful skin and effective skincare routine products.

Achieve the Hollywood glow in just tree steps

The MDO skincare treatment combines the latest scientific findings in an innovative skin technology with the highest quality ingredients for the most advanced results. Simon Ourian M.D. follows the "less is more" approach with all products as he focuses on the natural beauty of the skin while achieving the coveted Hollywood Glow.

MDO is perfect for all women who want to achieve maximum results quickly and treat themselves to a professional treatment within the comfort of home.

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Mission to Beautiful skin

With MDO products everyone can experience the glamour and beauty of the most stunning faces of Beverly Hills. The skincare routine line by Simon Ourion M.D brings a piece of the Hollywood glow and the highly sought after beauty expertise from the expert himself into the comfort of one's own home. Flawless has no borders with the MDO skin treatment.

Be prepared to be amazed by the line that holds over 20 years of experience in the industry and most innovative in non-surgical cosmetic technology.

More about Simon Ourian M.D.

The story

“ Every single patient

in my clinic inspires me

to bring my beauty secret

to a new level. “

Simon Ourian M.D.
MDO skin care products individually presented on golden plates MDO skin care products individually presented on golden plates


Los Angeles, especially Beverly Hills is the hub for the rich and beautiful. Almost no place in the world compares to Los Angeles' beaches, nightlife and glamour. Surrounded by so much Beauty, L.A. also happens to be the Mecca for beauty innovations and the latest beauty trends. With so many options, only an absolute expert in their field can make it to the top in Hollywood. One whose clientele list sounds like the guest list for Hollywood's most sought-after party is Simon Ourian M.D., Cosmetic Dermatologist to the stars. Simon is the man behind the famous Hollywood Glow - his innovative developments, such as the cool laser process, have also been highly acclaimed worldwide for almost twenty years. But his latest development and breakthrough is the skincare brand MDO. With the MDO skin treatment, every skincare product contains Simon's full know-how and his medical drive to indulge the skin with only the most effective and high-quality ingredients. According to Simon Ourian M.D., only the best is good enough for the skin.


All products from the MDO Skin Treatment not only contain the full beauty expertise of Simon Ourian M.D. in a bottle - they also meet the highest scientific and quality requirements. It was therefore Simon's particular concern to ensure that his products are manufactured by a proven expert team in order receive a high-quality seal. As a result, everyone can be sure that the manufacturing process is fair, transparent and each individual product is of maximum quality.


Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga or Sofia Vergara are used to having access to the most luxurious and highest quality products in every aspect of their lives. And when it comes to themselves personally, A-Listers only let experts who are widely acclaimed and trusted to come close. One of these most trusted names in Hollywood is Simon Ourian M.D. himself. What distinguishes him from many of his colleagues is that Simon is not only a licenced Cosmetic Dermatologist, but also an artist with a strong eye for beauty. In his opinion, faces are an expression of personality and character. Maintaining these two criteria while simultaneously optimising facial proportions and beautiful skin are Simon's greatest goals. It is for this approach and his outstanding medical skills that he is highly valued throughout Hollywood.

Collage MDO testimonials with MDO products and lifestyle Beverly Hills Collage MDO testimonials with MDO products and lifestyle Beverly Hills





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