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Skin Hydro Boost

Glow on the Go

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The SKIN HYDRO BOOST is a pocket-sized mist sprayer, with advanced nanotechnology that transforms water into hydro mist for instant and intense hydration.

Results: Instant hydration, Calming & soothing, Revives tired-looking skin & Intense moisturizing effect 

Tip: Use before your morning routine for a fresher looking skin 

Why you’ll love it 

Dewy and glowing skin all day long. This is your pocket size must have to easily add some hydration to your skin

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Product Information

Boost skin elasticity and moisture with ultra high-speed long-wave vibration technology. The MDO Skin Hydro Boost enables immediate absorption of moisture deep into the skin and optimised delivery of mineral water nutrients for long-last- ing hydration. 

  1. Charging: Make sure the water tank is dry.

  2. USB port at the bottom of the device. Don’t charge for longer than 3 hours. 

  3. Add water, twist the water tank to open

  4. Fill with fresh, clean water and twist shut firmly after filling. 

  5. Press the ON/OFF button 

Note: The Skin Hydro Boost will light up blue whilst spraying. Whilst charging, it will light up red until fully charged. 

USB Cable
30 ml water tank capacity 
Ultrasound vibration


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5 rating

This sprayer became an important part of my morning routine. It refreshes the dry skin and saves my day. Can not recommend it enough!

- Kat92


Can I charge the Hydro Boost mist sprayer while the water tank is full of water?

No. we recommend you to empty and dry the water tank before plugging the USB port.

  • Vegan
  • Sulfate free
  • Fragrance free
  • Cruelty free
  • GMO free
  • Free shipping
  • Worldwide

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