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Elevate your self-care routine with the MDO Skin Transforming treatment by industry expert Simon Ourian M.D. "Healthy skin means beautiful skin. Everyone was born with perfect skin at one point. My goal is to bring the skin back to this level with professional care and carefully selected, harmoniously coordinated  products. I want to keep the complexion radiant for as long as possible. I developed MDO to allow people to quickly achieve great results outside my clinic – simply, effectively, and safely – using only the finest ingredients and with step-by-step instructions." 

Do you want to know how Kim, Kylie and Khloé achieve their flawless, glowing skin? Keep on reading:


Detoxify your skin.


Deep cleanse.


Nourish your skin.

STEP 1: Detoxify your skin.

THE CLEANSER is a particularly mild and skin-friendly cleansing cream for all skin types. A detoxifying extract of agrimony tones, while a natural anti-stress complex combining panthenol, bisabolol and ginger soothes the skin during cleansing. 
Results: Leaves skin cleansed pore-deep. Skin is left glowing and looks smoother and younger. Suitable for all skin types. Free from parabens, fragrances and sulfates. Vegan. 
Application: Apply to dry skin and use your fingertips to distribute the product in circular movements. Afterwards rinse thoroughly with cool water.

STEP 2: Deep cleanse.

THE EXFOLIANT is a performance-driven fruit acid peel with 10% AHA to gently remove dead skin, target uneven skin tone and signs of aging. 
Results: You’ll love the instant effect leaving your skin glowing, youthful and incredibly smooth. Applied regularly, pores are refined and skin will appear younger, more even, smooth, and glowing. Not suitable for sensitive skin. Free from parabens. Vegan 
Application: Apply once a week. For best results apply THE EXFOLIANT PM as follows: Add the contents of one tube to the supplied glass dish and use the included professional treatment brush to apply a thin layer of THE EXFOLIANT onto cleansed and dry face, neck and chest. Then let THE EXFOLIANT do its magic for 10 min and rinse thoroughly with cool water. For best results, follow by applying a nourishing serum/ampoule and/or moisturizer. 

STEP 3: Nourish your skin.

THE SERUM is an effective, active-ingredient concentrate that can be used daily AM/PM. For intense rejuvenation, firmer and smoother looking skin and a radiant glow. THE SERUM is ideal for application after our fruit acid peel THE EXFOLIANT (available separately). 
Results: Leaves skin glowing and looking smoother, younger and firmer. Suitable for all skin types. Free from fragrances, sulfates. Vegan. 
Application: Remove the cap and screw the pipette onto the bottle. Apply THE SERUM to cleansed and dry face, neck and chest. Allow the serum to be absorbed by the skin and then follow by applying a moisturizer of your choice. THE SERUM can be used AM/PM. 


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The Cleanser

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