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The coveted look is now available to all: The Lady Gaga and Kardashian Beauty is within reach.


Hollywood's most coveted celebrities from Beverly Hills all have their special beauty rituals. In addition to the classics such as drinking lots of water, drinking little alcohol, exercising and eating a healthy diet, there are many other beauty secrets that are not shared. Especially when it comes to flawless skin, nothing seems to be too "out there" for celebrities. Some don't wash their face at all, some only wash it at a certain water temperature and others tighten it with tape in the morning. But apart from the differences in skincare routines, there is one thing they do share in common: Hollywood superstars look out of this world good. So perfect. So smooth. So beautiful. Especially Kim Kardashian beauty is a widely discussed topic all over the world.


So, what are the real beauty secrets of the A-Listers like Kardashian and other Hollywood Beauties? The secret behind it lies with Simon Ourian M.D. Cosmetic Dermatologist from Beverly Hills whose clientele sounds like the Oscars guest list. Among them are Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Sofia Vergara.
Simon is not only set apart in the industry by the fact that Beverly Hills admires him as a beauty expert - he is also one of the leading Cosmetic Dermatologists worldwide. Apart from his medical expertise, Simon Ourian M.D. is also an artist with a very strong eye for beauty. He perfected Leonardo Da Vinci's concept - Golden Ratio - which states that the perfect facial proportions can be calculated mathematically. It is this combination of passions for aesthetics, medicine and art that set Simon as the most trusted man in the industry for Beverly Hills. At the heart of Simon Ourian's skincare treatments is that the natural beauty of each individual must always be preserved.
Each face is composed of its own unique character. Therefore, Simon Ourian M.D treats each patient exclusively with non-surgical procedures. With the latter he works his way through the smallest nuances towards the best possible end result to achieve an enhanced natural beauty effect.


Simon Ourian M.D. believes that a perfectly proportioned face is only half attractive if a complexion cannot radiate from within. Therefore, the right skincare routine products are a must. If they are tailored to the skin's needs, they can display their full effect and make the skin glow simply and in three steps. Conserving the natural beauty of each and every patient has been key in Simon Ourion's decade long experience in Hollywood and continues to be key with his skincare routine line - MDO.