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Flawless skin is now possible with a skincare kit that transforms dull-looking skin to a radiant healthy glow.


Flawless skin is desirable to all. It is associated with flawless beauty and a radiant appearance from skin so healthy and pure that it shines from the inside out. But the natural glowing skin effect has nothing to do with special Glowing skin products as highlighters or metallic blush. Flawless skin directly reflects the elasticity and moisture content of the epidermis. However, with aging, skin begins to lose its elasticity and collagen production dwindles leading to less supple looking skin. It's hard to believe that at some point this will affect everyone - including beauty role models and A-listers as Victoria’s-Secret-Supermodels. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common: Flawless skin - no trace of blemishes, wrinkles or dry skin. Instead, radiantly, glowing skin.

Effective skincare solutions for flawless skin

How do we achieve this look? The answer to this question is quite simple: with effective skincare products and skincare routine. The problem with the current beauty market is that there is a surplus of products available while many customers lack the proper information to make the proper decisions regarding their skincare routine. The issue of an oversaturated skincare market has also been observed by Simon Ourian M.D during his decades-long career in Hollywood. Ourian stands by his motto: Keep it pure and simple. And his word is golden in Los Angeles for he is responsible for attaining the flawless healthy glow of many Hollywood megastars.

Flawless Skin in nur 28 Tagen

Simon Ourian M.D. always places his focus on highlighting one's natural beauty. His goal is to create a healthy glow from within through the use of the right skincare products. Not only does Simon Ourian M.D want to see quick results, he most importantly wants to see lasting beauty with all of his patients. Therefore, it was very important for him to develop products which contained the greatest amount of active ingredients which complement each other perfectly. One thing is certain: After using the three-step methods for 28 days, the first positive skin transformations can be seen as you become one step closer to that healthy Hollywood glow.


With this in mind, Simon Ourian M.D has developed his exclusive skincare kit consisting of three essentials: a cleanser, a peeling, and a serum. That's it. A complexion can only shine beautifully and glow from within if it is cleared from any impurities. Thorough cleansing is, therefore, the basic essence of every beauty routine. If harmful environmental particles and other external influences burden the skin, it becomes dry, dull and heavily wrinkled in the long run. The second step, peeling, instantly frees the skin from dead skin cells and sweeps the pores on the top layer of the skin free. Skin looks younger and more radiant within a matter of seconds. Suggestion: The second step, peeling, instantly exfoliates the skin and eliminates impurities and dead cells. Skin looks younger and more radiant within a matter of seconds. After the skin has been cleansed, a serum gently is placed on top, penetrating deeper into the skin for balanced moisture. Simon Ourion consciously veers away from many chemicals and products focusing on the right combination of ingredients. Only when used together as a trio, can these three products have the best results in order to achieve the coveted flawless skin.

Melissa Gessler Melissa Gessler

Great to counter extreme skin burdens like traveling!"

Melissa Gessler, Westwing

Fabienne Hagedorn Fabienne Hagedorn

A healthy mind & a deep moisture boost is my skin beauty secret"

Fabienne Hagedorn, Model

Laura Illbruck Laura Illbruck

All I need! The desired glow effect after first treatment"

Laura Illbruck, Model

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MDO kit products consisting of cleanser, peeling & serum MDO kit products consisting of cleanser, peeling & serum

Skin Trans-Forming Kit

Discover the newest and most innovative in skincare technology with the MDO Skin Transforming Kit developed in Los Angeles and produced in Germany with the highest quality ingredients. Achieve a more flawless you in 28 days within the comfort of our own home as you experience the treatment and beauty secrets that Hollywood celebrites have been using all along. Start glowing today with the right products and luxury line carefully crafted by Simon Ourian M.D himself as you bring your flawless complexion to new heights.