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The Skin Transforming Kit


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Flawless skin, a little relaxation, and a little time-out – that's what we all want. And those who are looking for a special gift for a friend, sister or colleague will naturally think of the latest in beauty products. Women love quality cosmetics and are always on the lookout for innovations and trends aimed at a healthier look. The assortment is immense, but what makes sense?

Skin transforming kit

The Cult-Beauty Special Gift

A skin treatment that originates exclusively from Beverly Hills and makes the complexion radiate again is the perfect special gift idea for all skincare enthusiasts looking for more glow and the flawless skin look à la Hollywood. The MDO Skin Tranforming Kit can be used by any woman from the comfort of her own home, drawing on the experience of Simon Ourian M.D., a world-famous cosmetic dermatologist from Beverly Hills.
The cleanser

Luxurious on the outside – Powerful on the inside

Anyone who gives away the skin treatment kit as a special gift will no longer need wrapping paper. (Although a handwritten card with a few nice personal words never hurts). The packaging of the Skin Treatment is so luxuriously designed, that it is impressive as a special gift and may even cause a sensation as a decorative element in the bathroom. In addition, the lavishly produced beauty box is perfectly ideal for the use as a jewelry box or for storing make-up utensils.
And what do you write on the card? "Have fun trying it out and treat yourself". After all, you never give away "just" beauty products, but always a good feeling. The exfoliant

The perfect Beauty Product Add-ons

A perfect addition to the MDO Skin Transforming kit would be the Jade Roller, a beauty tool that has become a cult object of all cosmetics experts and skincare aficionados alike. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Rita Ora swear by the Chinese tool to massage their skincare products into their facial skin and de-puff the complexion. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate even better into the epidermis as well. The roller should always be used from the center to the outside and from the top to the bottom. For a quick healthy glow, the Jade Roller is an excellent complement to the MDO Serum.
Or how about a beautiful hair product with luxurious oils, such as Argan oil and avocado oil, which strengthen the hair and make it shine? Especially during the winter season, is the time when your skin and hair call for an all-around revitalization to bring the summer glow back into your look. A flawless skin doesn't just stop at the face. Therefore it is just as important to restore your hair's glamour and style as you get a kickstart to this new decade.

The cleanser and the exfoliant